Tawa Corn 7

Fresh corn sautéed with exotic spices

Eggplant Bruschetta 4

Deep-fried eggplant topped w/chopped onion, tomato, feta cheese & touch of olive oil

Gobhi Manchurian 8

Crisp cauliflower florets, soya sauce, garlic, sautéed with Vedas special sauce

Sultani Aloo Tikki  5

Spiced potato patties served with  mint & tamarind chutneys

Vegetarian Samosa  5

Seasoned potatoes & peas stuffed in triangular patties fried & served with mint & tamarind chutneys

Bhindi Kurkuri 6

The okra is marinated in spices, coated with flour, and then deep fried for a satisfying crunch


Chicken Potli Samosa 7

Freshly homemade bread rolls filled with chicken

Goan Prawn Balchao  9

Chef’s signature – baby shrimp with classic balchao sauce

Chilli Chicken or Chilli Paneer  9

Chicken or Paneer batter-fried & tossed in a garlic soya sauce served with bell peppers, onions& green chilies

Calamari  10

Calamari fritters tossed in spicy aioli

Fish Amritsari  9

Famous Punjabi fried fish specialty

Lamb Chop Sofia 15

Four baby lamb chops marinated with fennel liqueur & Indian spices.


Anokhi Chat 6

Crispy tortillas w/avocado, herbs & dressing with fresh chopped seasonal vegetables

Haka Mando Potato 5

Scoop of potatoes stuffed with chopped vegetables, topped with cottage cheese.

Papari chaat  7

Crispy patties served with yogurt, mint, tamarind & chutneys

Bhelpuri  5

Puffed rice mix with crispy wafers, chutney, tomato & onions.

Roasted Masala Papadum 5

Lentil crepes roasted in tandoor with onion, cucumber, tomatoes & cilantro served with chutneys (tamarind & mint sauce) & raita.


Mulligatawny*  5

A South Indian creation made with lentils, tomatoes, & a dash of special blended spices & herbs, served hot
*Lamb (add $2) /Chicken (add $2)

Tomato Rasam or Tomato Soup 5

South Indian hot & sour soup made from tamarind, tomato, cilantro & spices

*Spicy shrimp (add $4)

Vedas Special Seasonal Salad*  6

Seasonal greens / mango / avocado/ fresh fruit / cilantro / feta/ balsamic vinager
*Chicken (add $2)/Fish (add$4)/Shrimp (add $4)


Subz-a-Tandoor 12

Assorted vegetables with a special marinade, baked in tandoori oven

Achari Paneer Tikka   14

Fresh cottage cheese, marinated in yogurt, Indian pickle, coriander, garam masala & green peppers


Basil Tikka  14

Chicken chunks marinated in yogurt, basil, spices & fresh herbs

Tandoori Murgh  14

Chicken (with bone) marinated in yogurt & mild Indian spices

Zafrani Chicken Tikka  14

Saffron flavored boneless chicken cooked in tandoori oven marinated with hang curd


Reshmi Sheikh Kebab* 15

Minced chicken tempered with chopped onion, ginger, garlic & spices skewered & grilled

Lukhnawi Sheekh Kebab*  16

Ground lamb infused with spices & fresh herbs


Salmon Fish Tikka 16

Grilled fillet of atlantic salmon marinated with yogurt, cardamon seeds, & touch of mustard oil


Plain Rice 4

Steamed basmati rice

Saffron Pea Pulao  5

Steamed basmati rice flavored with saffron, mild spices & fresh green peas

Lemon Rice 6

Lemon flavored basmati rice with curry leaves & mustard seeds

Jeera Rice 6

Steamed basmati rice sauted with cumin seeds.

Indo-Chinese Fried Rice  12

Rice tossed with vegetables chopped garlic, tomato puree, spring onion & chili paste

Vegetable Biryani  14

Basmati rice cooked with seasonal vegetables & Indian herbs Dum pukht style served with raita

Chicken Biryani  15

Basmati rice cooked traditionally with chicken, Indian herbs & saffron & served with raita

Lamb / Goat Biryani  16

Succulent pieces of lamb or goat(with bone) cooked with basmati rice over a low fire with Indian herbs dum pukht style, served with raita

Shrimp Biryani  16

Shelled shrimps cooked in basmati rice with exotic herbs & spices


Haryali Khumb  12

Fresh seasonal mushrooms cooked with basil, garlic, pine nuts & onion sauce.

Saag Paneer  14

Finely cut garden-fresh baby spinach cooked with homemade cheese in delicate Indian spices & herbs

Paneer Makhani  14

Cubes of homemade cottage cheese cooked in a tomato based gravy, finished with butter, honey & a touch of cream

Kadhai Paneer  12

Home made cheese cooked with tomato sauce, fresh peppers, onions & green chili

Paneer-Corn Mirchi  14

Roasted green bell pepper stuffed with freshly grated cheese, corn, & vegetables cooked in thick curry sauce

Shahi Subz Korma 12

Traditional vegetables cooked in an exotic curry sauce – garnished with dry fruits & nuts

Aloo Gobhi 12

Potatoes and califlower tossed together with Indian spices & herbs

Baingan Bhartha  12

Baked eggplant cooked with tomatoes, onions, ginger & garlic

Bhindi Do Pyaza 12

Fresh garden okra pan cooked with diced onion & blend of spices & herbs

Pindi Chole  12

Chickpeas cooked in garam masala & herbs garnished with a nicely cut tomato & chopped coriander

Dal Makhani  12

Black lentils delicately cooked overnight on low heat, finished with butter & cream

Dum Aloo Banarasi  14

Golden fried potatoes scooped, filled with homemade cheese, dry fruits &simmered in a rich gravy sauce

Shahi Paneer  14

Cubes of homemade cottage cheese cooked in chef’s special mild gravy.

Bharwan Baingan  14

Baby eggplant stuffed with diced eggplant, tomato and cilantro, topping with parmesan cheese

Nadroo Ke Kofte  14

Minced lotus stem dumplings in an aromatic onion sauce


Murgh Kolhapuri  14

Chicken cooked with whole spices, tomato, onion, ginger & touch of garam masala

Murgh Kadhai  14

Chicken tossed with dice bell peppers, tomatoes, & onions.

Madras Balti Chicken  14

Boneless chicken with exotic traditional hot Madras curry

Butter Chicken  14

Boneless chicken cooked in rich tomato gravy, enriched with fresh cream

Chicken Tikka Masala  14

Tender boneless pieces of marinated chicken cooked in the tandoor & finished in a rich tomato based gravy flavored with Indian spices

Murgh Vindaloo  14

A delicious combination of vinegar marinated chicken cubes in a coconut flavored sauce garnished with bell peppers

Chicken Saagwala  14

Tender boneless pieces of chicken cooked in spiced pureed fresh spinach


Awadhi Goat Curry   16

Fresh goat with bone, marinated in exotic herbs, spices & cooked on a slow fire

Lamb Roganjosh  15

Tender lamb pieces cooked Kashmiri style with the best of spices in a slow fire

Kadhai Lamb     15

Boneless lamb cubes cooked with bell pepper, onion, tomato and aromatic sauce

Lamb Keema Mutter  15

Minced lamb cooked authentically with Indian spices on a slow fire

Lamb Vindaloo  15

A delicious combination of vinegar marinated lamb cubes in a coconut flavored sauce garnished with bell peppers

Lamb Saagwala  15

Tender boneless pieces of lamb cooked in spiced pureed fresh spinach


Goan Fish Curry  14

A Goan-style seasoned fish simmered in a tangy coconut curry sauce.

Jhinga Molee  18

Spiced jumbo prawns cooked with coconut, mustard seed & curry leaf

Sarso ki Sea Bass 28

Sea bass with amazing herb crust, & seasoned puree of mustard leaves


Naan-leavened bread  2

Garlic Naan 3

Leavened fresh tandoor bread spread with garlic

Rosemary Pesto Naan  3

Freshly made bread spread with rosemary pesto sauce

Kashmiri Naan  4

Naan stuffed with chopped dry fruits

Kulcha*3(*Chicken 4 & Lamb 5)

Stuffed leavened fresh bread. Select stuffing with : Paneer, onions, potatoesor cauliflower.

Paratha  3

Whole wheat layered flat bread with choice Ajwain or pudina

Poori (2pcs)  4

Whole wheat deep fried puffed bread

Roti  3

Whole wheat flat bread

Rumali Roti  4

A thin soft flat bread

Bread basket  7

(An assortment of stuffed kulcha, plain naan & laccha parantha)


Raita 3

Tomato & cucumber or pineapple or roasted garlic & spinach

Plain yoghurt 2


Kesari kheer  4.99

Traditional rice pudding with nuts cardamom & saffron

Gulab Jamun  4.99

Milk dumplings, poached in ghee, rose flavored syrup

Kulfi  4.99

Classic Indian frozen dessert, pistachio

Moong Dal Halwa  5.99

Moong lentil pudding



Coke/Diet Coke/Sprite/Ice Tea  1.50

Lassi (Mango/ Rose/ Sweet/ Salted)   3


Crab Cakes (3pcs)  8

South Indian masala crab patties with mango & mustard chutney

Lobster Masala  32

Lobster cooked with makhani sauce, chopped onions, garlic & white wine reduction

Assorted Veg- Platter 12

Mix platter of samosa, pakora, aloo tikki & papadum

Tandoori Platter 21

Combination of boti kebab, seekh kebab & sharabi kebabi murgh tikka

Seafood Kebab Platter  25

Fish Tikka (2 pcs), Jhinga (3 pc), Scallops (3 pc)

Grilled fillet of Atlantic salmon, shrimp, scallops marinated with mild spices & a touch of white wine

Bhuna Goat (With Bone) 22

Grass fed goat, cooked with butter with a hint of garlic & ginger over a bed of onions & simmered in Punjabi wild spices


These special meals are inspired by the holistic philosophy of Ayurveda, probiotics, being gluten free and prepared in healthy olive oil. The Ayurveda philosophy is that food, eating & digestion are an important part of our well-being thereby bringing balance and health to the body.


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